The when?

The questions we all want answered – when!?When will the technological evolution provide our roads with driverless cars, safer roads and less fatalities.
It has been predicted that 10 million driverless cars will hot the roads by 2020, and that the technology will be worldwide by 2015 – however, with a variety in the technology; the semi-autonomous, which has the auto-pilot system, and the fully autonomous, which will be driving around without any interference from human actions.

Evolution by Karmabomb1

Chris Knapman, a journalist from The Telegraph, has listed a timeline as to when and to what extend driverless cars are expected to be introduced.

PHASE 1 → 2016
Cars are equipped with a technology, warning the driver of potential hazards. If the driver fails to react then the car can apply the brakes. Similarly, help parking and sensors making sure the driver doesn’t fall sleep.
 The closest thing to full vehicle autonomy is the Telsa auto-pilot system.

PHASE 2 → 2018
It is predicted that this will be the year where the first time hands-off driving on the motorway is permitted.

PHASE 3 → 2021
In 2021 it is expected that fully autonomous driving starts to become a reality and no-hans-on-the-wheel-driving are happening. However, cars need to be equipped with a “full sensor pack”, including radars, cameras and laser scanners.

PHASE 4 → 2025
Congratulations, the future is here! Cars are driving themselves.

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