The benefits

Safer roads, less fatalities and

Road by B.C. Ministry of Transportation

On the definite plus-side of driverless cars are the promise of safer roads and less fatalities from traffic accidents. In 2015 a number of 1,732 was reported as road fatalities in the UK and on a worldly basis 1.2 million people are killed on the roads every year. This is equivalent to more than 700 people falling out of the sky every working day. These numbers are expected to drop noticeably when driverless cars are introduced.

Time is  money

Clock by Dineshraj Goomany

Another considerable advantage of driverless cars is the aspect of time-saving. Almost 30 billion hours was spent on commuting  in in 2014 in America – imagine what commuters could do with that time in stead?!
If a commuter could work, phone or read during their commute. That’s a lot of books!

In an article by Forbes, it was estimated that the use of driverless cars “would imply a time savings worth $99 billion every single year”.

The list goes on

La voiture sans chauffeur by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Besides safety, time and money other advantages of the driverless technology include: minimization of gasoline usage, improvement of traffic congestions and parking problems, minimization of accidents and deaths connected to driving under the influence, and optimization of commute time as driverless cars can ride closer together, allowing more cars on the road simultaneously.