Uber’s fleet of driverless cars

24 January, 2017

I really appreciate technological development and innovation. I think it’s amazing how human-inventions keeps emerging with a promise of an easier life. However, one thing that concerns me in this constant search for new inventions and improved efficiency is how it influences our rather sensitive societies. For example, driverless cars are expected to be omnipresent in Western society by 2025.

But besides the obvious benefits, it will equally result in less desirable side-effects. For example, the driving-company Uber has proclaimed that they will have a fleet of driverless cars instead of actual chauffeurs as they do now.Currently, Uber actually adds approximately 50,000 new drivers A MONTH! And they operate in 70 countries.. That’s a lot of redundant drivers. Actually, they’d already tried the technology in Pittsburgh.

TechCrunch gives you the technicalities on how it will work – and quite possibly how your future Uber/taxi rides will look:

But – Hold your horses!

One week after launching its self-driving pilot program in San Francisco, Uber is packing up its failed trial and taking its fleet of autonomous vehicles to Phoenix, Arizona. So perhaps the ever-loving tech-state of California is not as likely to opt-in to the driverless future. Let’s see how the Cand Canyon state will welcome the driverless vehicles on their roads.



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