Death by driverless car – the ethical dilemma

18 January, 2017

Currently, one man has lost his life in a car accident, which is a lot less than by ordinary vehicles (of course there are currently also a lot fewer semi-driverless cars on the roads). However, one of the major questions regarding the implementation of driverless cars are in fact the ‘what ifs’ in regards to accidents and fatalities.

Patrick Lin, the director of the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group based at California Polytechnic State University, has made a thought experiment, which I found very interesting and contemplating – you should watch it:

I assume that by now you have watched the 4:15-minut long video, and I do not suppose that you have come to any kind of decision, conclusion or solution on the matter. However, I do hope that it has brought some thought into  _____. Because we, as consumers, have a responsibility to enter the discussion of how our lifes (when we’re on the road) in the future should be weighted, valued and calculated for. You can join the discussion here.


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