What the heck?

11 January, 2017

When I arrived in London five months ago, I was walking on Holloway Road. A fairly trafficked road. And I almost screamed and fainted simultaneously when a walked on the sidewalk looking to my right where a car drove by – WHITOUT A DRIVER! At least, that’s what I thought. The reality was that there was a driver. He was just situated in the left side of the vehicle, which a Scandinavian like myself, is not accustomed to. However, the fact that I though the car had no driver, is actually not as far from the future as I felt it in the moment I was passing the car. Actually, a report by KPMG suggest fewer cars and more driverless vehicles in future

Especially the UK is predicted to be well-suited for the driverless movement:

The UK is particularly suited to the early adoption of self-driving cars consumed as a service. Our greenbelt policy has created a relatively dense urban population which, when coupled with our high fuel prices, means that so-called robot taxis offer a greater cost saving to the UK public, compared to European or North American markets.

– said John Leech, Head of Automotive at KPMG in the UK, which also produced the report.


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