The Internet of Things

This website is about driverless cars. But in order to understand the inventions, that is predicted to be omnipresent shortly, it is important to understand the technology that has enabled the innovation – the Internet of Things. This is crucial, as it will affect our future lives and our societies – perhaps more than you could ever imagine. Further, I will guide you through the what, the who, the when, the benefits, the challenges and threats, and the ethical dilemmas of the fast approaching driverless cars.

Internet of Things (or IoT) is a phenomenon where the Internet is embedded in ordinary, non-computing objects, and it is changing much about the world we live in; from the way we make purchases, how we get energy to our home, monitoring our personal health and improving how we drive.Sophisticated sensors are embedded in the physical things, transmitting data that makes us understand how it works – and how it’ll work better.




Actually, a forecast predicts that 700 billion – 1 trillion items will connected to the internet. So what’s basically happening is that we connect the physical world to the Internet:

Even though IoT seems like af fairly new concept its has actually been detected on Google Trends since 2004. However, the term has increased its popularity on Google in the past four years. One object, which is already rapidly developing in regards to IoT, is cars. If you wanna know more about the technology behind the innovation, the benefits and threats connected to the technology, or the ethical dilemmas the introduction of driverless cars entail stay put and click your way around the site. You can also read the blog and post comments, thoughts or questions.


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